Parish Ministry

We are very fortunate to have an active faith community in Crosserlough Parish. Volunteerism is high and we are very appreciative of our parishioners who devote time to ministry in the parish.

Altar Servers: The parish is fortunate to have a committed team of girls and boys from the local primary schools who serve Mass faithfully in the three churches of the parish. We thank parents, guardians, grandparents and families for their ongoing support.

Altar Societies: Each church area has its own dedicated Altar Society and society members ensure that the altar, the sanctuary and the interior of God’s houses are maintained and decorated.

Choirs: There are three church choirs in the parish. Each church has its own dedicated choir. The choir leaders are:

Conor Kiernan – St Mary’s, Crosserlough
Catherine Mulvey – St Patrick’s, Kilnaleck
Mary Sullivan – St Joseph’s, Drumkilly

The choirs and their accompanying musicians bring special meaning to weekend Masses and other liturgical events throughout the year. A combined parish choir performed in Cavan Cathedral at the launch of preparations for the 2018 World Meeting of Families.

Eucharistic Adoration Groups: Adoration Groups have existed in the parish for many years. Each church offers Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament on a specified day each week. Precise days and times are available on the weekly parish newsletter. 

Ministers of Holy Communion: Eucharistic Ministers in the three churches perform a vital ministry in assisting the priest with the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass. They are also available to bring communion to the sick and the housebound throughout the parish. Anyone wishing to receive Communion at home should contact the parish office.

Offertory Collectors: Collections are taken up at all weekend Masses by a team of assigned offertory collectors.

Readers: It is by listening to scripture at Mass that we, as Christians, are inspired to become God’s living words. Our readers deliver ‘The Word of God’ to parishioners in a meaningful way.

Anyone wishing to become involved in ministry in Crosserlough Parish is invited to contact the parish office.