Our Location

Where is Crosserlough Parish?


Our parish is situated in County Cavan and in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kilmore. The colour-coded map above displays the deaneries, parish clusters and parishes in the diocese, and comes courtesy of Kilmore Diocese.

A rural parish in the Deanery of Cavan, Crosserlough is surrounded by five other County Cavan parishes – Ballintemple, Kilmore, Cavan (Urney and Annagelliff), Denn and Castlerahan. The map indicates that Crosserlough parish is clustered with the neighbouring parishes of Ballintemple and Kilmore.

The village of Kilnaleck is situated in the centre of Crosserlough. Three dioceses (Kilmore, Meath and Ardagh-Clonmacnois) converge on the outskirts of the village.

There are three churches in the parish – St Mary’s in Crosserlough, St Patrick’s in Kilnaleck Village and St Joseph’s in Drumkilly.

Townlands are significant land units in rural parishes. There are about eighty townlands in Crosserlough Parish and these townlands are spread across three County Cavan baronies – Castlerahan, Clanmahon and Upper Loughtee. 

The inhabitants of each townland in Crosserlough play an integral role in the life and ongoing development of our parish. Indeed, they have done so for many generations. Detailed information on the townlands is available in ‘Drumkilly – From Ardkill Mountain to Kilderry Hill‘ (published in 2001) and in ‘Crosserlough Through The Ages’ (published in 2013). The townlands* in our parish are listed alphabetically as follows:

  • Aghaconny, Aghadoon (also known as Ravenfield), Aghakee, Aghawee, Aghnagegna, Aghnahaia Glebe (usually referred to as Aghnahague), Ardkill Beg (also known as Creamfield), Ardkill Mór

  • Carrickabane, Carrickacroy, Cashel, Clare, Clareboy, Clonmult, Coolkill, Corbeagh, Corduff, Corglass (located in Crosserlough; also known as Rassan Upper), Corglass (located in Drumkilly), Corlateerin, Corlislea, Crenew, Crosserlough, Cullow, Curraghbreedin

  • Derrin Lower, Derrin Upper, Derry, Derrylahan, Derrylea, Drumakinneo, Drumanalaragh, Drumbarry, Drumbee, Drumcassidy, Drumegil, Drumhallagh, Drumhirk, Druminsclin, Drumkilly, Drumloman, Drumnalaragh, Drumrath, Drumroragh, Drumscruddan, Duffcastle

  • Finaway

  • Garrynogher, Graddum

  • Keelderry, Keenagh, Kiffagh, Kill, Kill Demesne, Killynure, Killytogher, Kilmainham, Kilnacrott, Kilnaleck

  • Largan, Latnadronagh, Lecharry, Lisdonnish

  • Mullacastle, Mullaghkeel

  • Pollareagh, Portan

  • Raharverty, Rassan, Rockfield

  • Sallaghill

  • Tedeehan Lower, Tedeehan Middle, Tedeehan Upper, Togher, Tonylion

* Due to the spelling variations of some place-names in our parish, the spellings of the townland names in the list above have been taken from OSI Discovery Series (Ordnance Survey Ireland – Fourth Edition – 2016).