Baptisms: All baptisms in the parish take place in St Mary’s (Crosserlough) and must be booked through the parish office.

Baptisms are usually scheduled as follows:

First Saturday of the month at 2pm
Second Sunday of the month at 1pm

Reconciliation/Penance: Confessions are available in the parish upon request through the parish office. The Sacrament of Penance also takes place in Cavan Cathedral on Saturdays from 3pm – 4pm and from 7pm – 7.30pm.

Eucharist: The priest distributes Holy Communion during his visits to the sick and housebound of the parish. Ministers of Holy Communion are also available to bring Communion to the sick and housebound.

Should you, or a relative/friend, wish to receive the Eucharist at home, please contact the parish office.

First Holy Communion 2020
St Mary’s N.S. Celebrated in Oct. 2020
St Patrick’s N.S.  Celebrated in Oct. 2020
St Joseph’s N.S. – Celebrated in Oct. 2020

Confirmation: Kilnaleck NS – Celebrated on 18th July 2020; Drumkilly NS – Celebrated on 25th July 2020; Crosserlough NS – Celebrated on 1st August 2020

Marriages: Couples intending to marry in the parish are asked to contact the parish office at St Mary’s Parochial House, Crosserlough. ACCORD Pre-Marriage Courses can be booked at

Anointing of the Sick and Housebound: The priest visits the sick and housebound in the parish. Please contact the parish office if you, or a relative/friend, would like to be included in the visitation schedule. The parish newsletter lists the days and times for visits across the three church areas.

Holy Orders: The last ordination to take place in our parish was that of Fr James Earley in the summer of 1995. The ceremony took place in St Joseph’s Church, Drumkilly. Fr James was assigned to the Diocese of Nottingham (England) by Bishop McGuinness.